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Water Reference

A reference table of world famous beer brewing waters.  Includes key mineral contents for waters you might want to try in your homebrew beer.  Also see our complete Recipe, Grain, Miscellaneous, Yeast and Hops beer brewing tables.

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Water Profiles

Antwerp, Belgium90.0 ppm11.0 ppm37.0 ppm84.0 ppm57.0 ppm76.0 ppm
Atlanta, GA6.0 ppm1.0 ppm3.0 ppm7.0 ppm0.0 ppm19.0 ppm
Boston, MA4.0 ppm1.0 ppm10.0 ppm8.0 ppm14.0 ppm10.0 ppm
Burton On Trent, UK295.0 ppm45.0 ppm55.0 ppm725.0 ppm25.0 ppm300.0 ppm
Chicago, IL34.0 ppm11.0 ppm6.0 ppm25.0 ppm11.0 ppm106.0 ppm
Dallas, TX24.0 ppm3.0 ppm17.0 ppm44.0 ppm34.0 ppm45.0 ppm
Deer Park (R), Bottled Water3.8 ppm1.2 ppm2.8 ppm6.0 ppm0.5 ppm32.9 ppm
Denver, Colorado31.5 ppm8.5 ppm21.4 ppm50.8 ppm23.5 ppm104.0 ppm
Distilled Water0.0 ppm0.0 ppm0.0 ppm0.0 ppm0.0 ppm0.0 ppm
Dortmund, Germany250.0 ppm25.0 ppm70.0 ppm280.0 ppm100.0 ppm550.0 ppm
Dublin, Ireland115.0 ppm4.0 ppm12.0 ppm55.0 ppm19.0 ppm200.0 ppm
Edinburg, Scotland120.0 ppm25.0 ppm55.0 ppm140.0 ppm20.0 ppm225.0 ppm
London, England52.0 ppm16.0 ppm99.0 ppm77.0 ppm60.0 ppm156.0 ppm
Los Angeles, CA (East)63.0 ppm22.0 ppm84.0 ppm151.0 ppm99.0 ppm0.0 ppm
Los Angeles, CA (West)32.0 ppm14.0 ppm68.0 ppm75.0 ppm85.0 ppm105.0 ppm
Milwaukee, WI96.0 ppm47.0 ppm7.0 ppm26.0 ppm16.0 ppm107.0 ppm
Munich, Germany75.0 ppm20.0 ppm10.0 ppm10.0 ppm2.0 ppm200.0 ppm
New York, NY13.0 ppm4.0 ppm11.0 ppm12.0 ppm21.0 ppm29.0 ppm
Pilsen, Czech7.0 ppm2.0 ppm2.0 ppm5.0 ppm5.0 ppm15.0 ppm
Portland OR2.0 ppm1.0 ppm2.0 ppm0.0 ppm2.0 ppm9.0 ppm
Salt Lake City, UT30.0 ppm17.0 ppm5.0 ppm12.0 ppm7.0 ppm252.0 ppm
Seattle, WA17.0 ppm1.0 ppm4.0 ppm2.0 ppm4.0 ppm18.0 ppm
Vienna, Austria200.0 ppm60.0 ppm8.0 ppm125.0 ppm12.0 ppm120.0 ppm
Washington, DC38.0 ppm9.4 ppm19.4 ppm32.7 ppm35.6 ppm10.0 ppm


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