BeerSmith 2.2 Update for Desktop Quick Preview

by Brad Smith on November 17, 2013 · 15 comments

bs2For several months now I’ve been hard at work on the BeerSmith 2.2 update for the BeerSmith desktop for this year’s brewing season. It is currently in beta testing. The update attempts to clean up some of the clutter in the interface, as well as add a number of the features fellow brewers have most requested over the last year.

My goal is to have this update available on Mac and PC by the end of November 2013, and have it available for Linux shortly after that. It will be a free update for all existing desktop (paid) users.

Key Features

  • I’ve cleaned up the main screen a bit by turning off the ribbon (you can optionally turn it on if desired) and including a simple shortcut tree on the left side to change views. It also has a list of favorites for the views and tools you use most, and you can add any view or tool to the favorites list by right clicking on it and using the add/delete button.
  • The “Search All” command is back – you can search all of your local recipes at once by keywords including ingredient names, style and recipe names. There are options for finding recipes that have any of the terms or must have all of the terms, so you can now look for recipes that contain certain ingredients.
  • A “Cloud Search” tool is now integrated so you can search from thousands of shared BeerSmith recipes on from within the program. This feature, which was introduced in BeerSmith mobile, lets you find great recipes and save them locally so you can scale them to match your equipment.
  • An equipment wizard helps to make the creation of new equipment profiles a bit easier.
  • A “Recipe Archive” is now active which records every change you make on the desktop to your recipes. So you can recover a version you edited had last week, for instance.
  • Reports are now CSS based so they look better and it opens up new options for adding custom reports. Reports also can now have the “beer glass” icon on them.
  • A new adjust gravity tool has been completed for correcting your OG with water or dry malt extract if you miss your target OG
  • The IBU contribution for whirlpool/steeped hops at the end of the boil is now included
  • Lactose and other non fermentables are now allowable – you can mark fermentables as “non fermentable” and it will impact your FG calculation correctly.
  • Print preview and the brew steps report are now displayed in a separate tab for much easier viewing
  • Updates can be downloaded in the background and installed from the program now
  • You can now save profiles from a recipe to make it easier to save profiles you may have created on your mobile device to the desktop version.
  • A large number of bug fixes have been made including error recovery, enhanced stability, printing, etc…

After the desktop update is complete, I intend to update BeerSmith Mobile to take advantage of the new whirlpool hops, non fermentables and bring it up to date. Also I will be focusing on more frequent desktop updates going forward, as there are a number of new water tools and other features I would still like to add.

Thanks for all of your support – I hope BeerSmith has in some way contributed to your brewing experience, and I encourage you to sign up for the podcast or newsletter if you want to get more articles and discussion on home brewing.

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