Advertising and Consulting

by Brad Smith


The BeerSmith Home Brewing blog is one of the most popular brewing blogs on the web, read by thousands of home brewers from around the world daily. We offer a simple, clean advertising presentation to reach your target audience on the left sidebar of the blog.

BeerSmith blog readers typically spend several minutes on each article, and frequently read a second or third article when they visit so your ad gets more exposure than it would with other online media.

Our blog readership consists almost entirely of new and dedicated home brewers, letting your message reach your precise target audience. You don’ t risk reaching the wrong audience as you would with many search engines.

Advantages of Advertising on the BeerSmith Blog

  • Reach 10’s of thousands of home brewers each month
  • Average of over two minutes spent on each page viewed
  • Highly targeted audience of dedicated homebrewers
  • Our articles are highly ranked in google searches for most brewing terms
  • We track detailed statistics – available on request
  • Competitive pricing available on a monthly basis

We offer a limited number of advertising slots on the blog on a monthly schedule at competitive rates, and we’ll work with you to come up with a plan that meets your needs. For more information please contact us via email.

Consulting Services

Dr Brad Smith (PhD Computer Eng, MBA) has over 23 years home brewing and extensive computer and online experience. I can help you with your brewing product, service, books, recipes, web site, marketing online as well as provide advice on starting and running a business in the brewing area. My set of web sites have grown to attract over one million visitors each year (top 0.7% of all web sites worldwide on Alexa), so I do have a lot of relevant experience in online marketing, content creation and building a community.

If interested in consulting with me for help with beer brewing, brewing products or building an online business, you can contact me via email.