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This week I take a look at malt enzymes vs malt color and how enzymes affect conversion of the malt during the beer brewing process. Malt Enzymes and Mashing In all grain brewing, enzymes are very important during the mash as they are needed to convert the longer starch chains in the malt into shorter […]

Enzymes in Beer: Alpha and Beta Amylase

by Brad Smith on October 2, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I take a look at the differences between alpha and beta amylase which act during the mash to convert longer starch chains to simple sugars in beer. Alpha vs Beta Amylase Enzymes are naturally produced in malted barley during the malting process. Chief among these are alpha amylase and beta amylase. They are […]

This week I take a look at major enzymes in the mash and how you can leverage these using various mash temperature strategies for beer brewing. Chemistry of the Mash The mash process in beer brewing is done primarily to break down longer starch changes present in barley grains into simpler sugars like glucose and […]