Michael Tonsmeire from Sapwood Cellars joins us this week to discuss some of his recent innovative lager recipes. Subscribe on iTunes to Audio version or Video version or Spotify or Google Play Download the MP3 File– Right Click and Save As to download this mp3 file. Your browser does not support the audio element. Topics […]

Beer Design Case Study: Marzen

by Brad Smith on November 18, 2022 · 0 comments

This week I present a design case study for developing a Marzen beer recipe. Along the way I describe my thought processes as I work through creating and brewing a new recipe. Designing a Marzen Beer Before I start a new beer, I sit down and describe what I’m trying to accomplish. This beer was […]

Beer Design Case Study: A Robust Porter

by Brad Smith on August 4, 2022 · 1 comment

This week I though I would share a case study in beer recipe design to explore how I approach beer recipe design and some of the critical decisions made along the way. I will be designing a robust porter, which is one of my favorite beer styles. Defining the Robust Porter Before I start on […]

BeerSmith Web Highlights

by Brad Smith on October 18, 2021 · 1 comment

This week I highlight some of the great features in BeerSmith Web, which is our online version of BeerSmith you can use from any device. Simply create an account and log in at to give it a try. Also the editor is part of your license if you have a Gold, Platinum or Pro […]

The “Save As Default” Feature in BeerSmith

by Brad Smith on September 1, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I take a look at one of those little known features in BeerSmith brewing software that can make building recipes just a little easier. This feature is available in the desktop, mobile and web based versions of BeerSmith. What is “Save/Set as Default”? When you build a recipe in BeerSmith from scratch you […]

Creating Custom Reports in BeerSmith Desktop

by Brad Smith on July 8, 2021 · 0 comments

This week I take a look at how you can create custom reports in the BeerSmith desktop program. This feature is currently only available on the desktop version of BeerSmith. The process described below applies to BeerSmith 3. BeerSmith 2 had a slightly different setup where you need to copy your template to the Documents/Reports […]

A tutorial of how to use the main recipe design tab in the BeerSmith Web Recipe Editor. These same features are available in the desktop version on the main design tab. Related Videos: Yeast Starter Tab | Water Profile Tab | Mash Tab | Timer Tab | Session Tab | Recipe Adjustment Tools | Find/Scale […]

Recipe Adjustment Tools in BeerSmith Web

by Brad Smith on June 20, 2021 · 0 comments

An overview of some of the recipe adjustment tools available in the BeerSmith Web beer recipe editor. These same tools are also available in the desktop and mobile versions. Related Videos: Recipe Design Tab | Building a Recipe | Find/Scale Recipes | Pro Recipe Tips | All Videos

Building a Beer Recipe using BeerSmith Web

by Brad Smith on June 13, 2021 · 0 comments

A tutorial on how to create a simple all grain beer recipe using BeerSmith Web. These same functions can be done on the desktop version or from your mobile device by logging into Related Videos: Recipe Design Tab | Recipe Adjustment Tools | BeerSmith Web Overview | Find/Scale Recipes | Pro Recipe Tips | […]

BeerSmith Web Recipe Editor Overview Video

by Brad Smith on May 30, 2021 · 5 comments

Here’s a video overview of the major features available in the BeerSmith Web beer, mead, cider and wine recipe editor which works with BeerSmith desktop to make it easy to create and maintain your recipes. Related Videos: Overview for Existing Users | BeerSmith Detailed Overview | Building a Recipe | The Design Tab | Find/Scale […]

BeerSmith for the Web Released

by Brad Smith on May 28, 2021 · 3 comments

I’m pleased to announce the release of a web based version of BeerSmith 3 along with a desktop BeerSmith 3.2 update. The web based version allows you to edit your cloud based recipes from anywhere by simply logging into your cloud account at BeerSmith Web Highlights Web based recipe editing from any browser by […]

BeerSmith for the Web Preview

by Brad Smith on May 10, 2021 · 10 comments

This week I wanted to share a more detailed look at the upcoming Web based version of BeerSmith which is scheduled for release in June of 2021. It will be available to all Gold+ license holders of BeerSmith 3. When released, you can simply log into your existing account and edit recipes in your […]

Golden Stout Beer Brewing

by Brad Smith on December 8, 2020 · 0 comments

Though not a recognized beer style, Golden Stout has been popularized by many craft breweries as a bit of a novelty beer. This week we take a look at how to brew one. What is a Golden Stout? A golden stout is technically a beer that tastes like a rich dark stout, but without the […]

Creating a Mead Recipe with BeerSmith 3 Software

by Brad Smith on October 17, 2018 · 1 comment

Here is a short video tutorial on how to create a mead recipe using BeerSmith 3 home brewing software. BeerSmith 3 is software designed for creating beer recipes, but it also now has support for mead, wine and cider recipes. Total run time is 8:17. You can find additional tutorials on the main tutorial page […]

This week I present a short video tutorial on how to scale a recipe to match your equipment profile in BeerSmith 3. BeerSmith 3 has a great scaling function that lets you download and scale a recipe to match your equipment in minutes, or even scale recipes up from homebrew to commercial batch sizes. Total […]