Great Reasons to Upgrade to BeerSmith 3

by Brad Smith on May 26, 2019 · 0 comments

Here are some great reasons to upgrade your brewing software to BeerSmith 3 today. Some Good Reasons to Upgrade to BeerSmith 3 Many of you have not had a chance to upgrade from BeerSmith 2 to BeerSmith 3. I have some announcements about new online tools and features coming out next week, but now is […]

Fresh beer glass over white background

BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 Coming in December Some news and links you may have missed…I’m finishing up the updates to BeerSmith Mobile 2.3 – The 2.3 updates to BeerSmith mobile will include Add-ons, Session Data, Mash pH estimation and adjustment, improved whirlpool support and more. I’m starting beta testing next week and expect to release it […]

In conjunction with BC Products, I’m offering the Barley Crusher at our lowest price ever – $99.95+ shipping for the 7 lb crusher, and $119.95 + shipping for the 15 lb hopper. This is a great dual steel roller mill, and it is the one I personally use to brew beer. Its adjustable, gives a […]