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Post-War British Beer with Ron Pattinson – BeerSmith Podcast #176

This week Ron Pattinson joins me to discuss his new book called “Austerity!” about British brewing in the post World War II period from roughly 1945 through the 1960’s. Ron shares with us how breweries copied with many shortages in the post-war period.

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Session Mead with Steve Piatz- BeerSmith Podcast #175

This week Steve Piatz joins me to discuss how to make a low gravity session mead including mead nutrients, backsweetening and how to spice or accent your mead.  Using modern techniques, you can make a great session mead in as little as a few weeks.

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Gluten Free Brewing with Robert Keifer – BeerSmith Podcast #171

Robert Keifer joins me to discuss brewing using gluten free grains including rice, mullet, sorghum, quinoa, and buckwheat.  Gluten free brewing has expanded greatly the last few years to aid those who may be sensitive to gluten in beer.

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Beer Maturation and Yeast with John Palmer – BeerSmith Podcast #168

John Palmer, author of “How to Brew” joins me to discuss the beer maturation process and the critical role that yeast play in beer maturation.  We also discuss methods to speed up the maturation process.

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