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German Brewing Traditions and Reinheitsgebot – BeerSmith Podcast #141

Rory Lawton joins me from Berlin, Germany to discuss the tradition of the German Purity Law or “Reinheitsgebot” and some very controversial efforts to challenge it.  Along the way we discuss the history of the law, how it has evolved and how it affects brewing in Germany.

You can find additional episodes and show notes here.

German Wheat Beer with John Palmer – BeerSmith Podcast #116

Author John Palmer joins me this week to discuss German Wheat Beer styles and beer brewing.  John just returned from a trip to Germany and he shares some of his tips for brewing the perfect Weizen or Weisse.

You can find the show notes for this episode here.

Schwarzbier Brewing with Jason Jaworowicz – BeerSmith Podcast #76

This week on the BeerSmith podcast we talk about brewing the perfect German Schwarzbier (Black beer). Jason Jaworowicz from Rivertown Homebrewers is my guest, and he provides a detailed walkthrough on how to brew this rich German lager.  Also subscribe on iTunes for my new video podcast feed!

Note: You can capture the full video and show notes for this episode here.