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Pro Beer Brewing Startup with Modern Times – BeerSmith Podcast #54

This week I interview Jacob McKean and Michael Tonsmeire who are involved in a cross country beer collaboration to build a new brewery in San Diego called Modern Times. We walk through some of the challenges in going from home brewer to pro brewer!

NOTE: The full video and show notes for this episode can be found here.

Beer Brewing Like a Pro – BeerSmith Podcast #7

This week I feature Scott Hettig, the Brewmaster at St Francis brewery and George Bluvas the Brewmaster at Water Street Brewery. Both are avid home brewers who eventually became full time professional brewmasters, and this week they share a bit of their story and brewing advice. We talk in detail about what it takes to become a professional brewer, how it differs from home brewing and how a passion for brewing is critical for success.

NOTE: The full episode and show notes are here.