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Questions/Comments after first experiement
« on: June 14, 2011, 01:15:59 PM »
A couple questions/comments:

1.) Why isn't the "Measured Bottling Vol" on the "Fermentation" tab not a function of "Carbonation Used"?  For example, 5 gallons yields 5.33 oz Corn Sugar and 0.10 gallons also yields 5.33 oz Corn Sugar.  Shouldn't the volume that will be bottled be a function in calculating the amount to priming sugar to add?  EDIT: Looks like it is the same suggestion here.,4756.0.html.

2.) Should the pop-up tip for "Efficiency" under "Brewhouse Efficiency" on the "Fermentation" tab be something like "Estimated Brewhouse Efficiency for Recipe Formulation"?

3.) Can "Final Gravity" and "Gravity after Primary" be linked when using a Single Stage Fermentation Profile? Same for "Final Gravity" and "Gravity after Secondary" when using a Two Stage Fermentation Profile.

4.) Can "Estimated Boil Vol", "Mash In Step Temperature", and "Mash In Step Time" be added to the "Select Fields" on the "Recipe Design" Tab?

5.) Can "Starter Size" on the "Yeast Starter" tab be expressed as ML or L instead of quarts?

6.) Can "Est Final Gravity" and "Carbonation Range" be added to the "Style Guide Comparison" on the "Recipe Design" tab?
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