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Preparing more water than used
« on: August 24, 2021, 12:36:30 PM »
New BS3 user here. Used to use BS2 + BrewnWater together. My typical brew days include preparing 2 extra gallons of water in the boil kettle. I add salts and acid based on X+2 and only use X to strike. Since additions are normalized to volume in brewnwater, the overall ppm in the mash doesn't change and the pH is always within 0.02 of target. Now switching to BS3, I'm struggling to do the same without having to resort back to opening brewnwater. The same goes for strike. It's a HERMS system so I need Y minimum in the HLT and I may only use a % of Y to sparge with yet I treat the water to Y volume. Since BS3 locks the sparge amount, I don't know how much salt to add. Is there a way around this that doesn't involve resorting to the same old practices I used with BS2?

Example attached.
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