Author Topic: Cleaning tubing with camlocks  (Read 3026 times)

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Cleaning tubing with camlocks
« on: December 28, 2016, 07:16:18 PM »
I have recently upgraded my brew equipment to include a chugger pump with the camlock system to facilitate whirlpooling and mash recirculation. 

After my session, do I need to take everything apart (including the camlocks from the tubing/valves) to clean or can I just run hot PBW water through the whole system to clean the ball valves, tubing, pump, and camlocks?

Ideally I'd love to keep my ball valves, whirlpool arm, pump, all tubing and camlocks in place and just fill my brew kettle with boiling PBW and recirculate it to the MLT.

If I do need to disassemble after each use, the whole idea of a quick disconnect seems moot. 

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Re: Cleaning tubing with camlocks
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2016, 08:00:43 AM »
If cleaning is commenced right after brewing, there should be no need to disassemble anything.

PBW works best when its above 160o f.
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Re: Cleaning tubing with camlocks
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2016, 12:59:49 AM »
I do not take my camlocks or hose apart, for cleanup I hook everything back up to my  kettle or mash tun and recirculate pbw solution at 1 to 1.5 Oz per gallon for about 5 minutes (and make sure my plate chiller is also hooked up).  Then stop circulating but leave the solution in the lines for another 5 or 20 minutes, recirculate another 5 minutes (somwhere in all this I washate exterior with the solution). Lastly I flush out with clean water, disassemble the lines from the pump and plate chiller via camlocks and hang all to dry.