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  1. Conflicting IBU calculations?
  2. Beersmith opens but all associated files gone, recipes, profiles etc.
  3. "Search All" Function Not Working in MacOS
  4. Nearly all of my recipies and brewing logs gone!
  5. Cloud issue
  6. Fermentation & Age Profile graph only showing 5 entries
  7. Cannot print or export shopping list
  8. Issues when printing brewing steps - page not formatting correctly
  9. Add ons not working OSX
  10. Yeast starter calculation stops at some starter size
  11. Shift-tab doesn't work on Linux
  12. All My Recipes are Gone
  13. Frequent Crashes While Entering and Viewing Recipe
  14. Can't print shopping list
  15. Beersmith won't launch on Arch Linux 64 bits
  16. Water Profile Salt Additions
  17. Print problem on Mac
  18. BeerSmith 2.3.12 Open Beta - Scaling Reports
  19. Unable to Save Recipie
  20. water profil tool: color range EBC
  21. MOVED: Calculation in Beersmith mobile.
  22. blank error message when opening cloud recipe
  23. Estimated Attenuation - are calculations off?
  24. Refractometer Calibration Bug changes input to "-1.#J"
  25. Doesn't launch on Ubuntu 17.04.
  26. Mash tun volume and strike temps
  27. Oddball mash profile issue.
  28. Cloud Recipe Search Never Returns Results
  29. BS2 suddenly asked for activation code again....and erased all recipes
  30. Strike temp discrepancy
  31. Unable to load Beersmith - Where are my recipes etc stored??
  32. Adjust mash vol for deadspace
  33. 2.3.7 column width resets every tab open
  34. No longer able to print brew steps.
  35. Whirlpool hops sorting incorrectly
  36. 'Adjust Temp for Equip' Checkbox Default
  37. Fly sparge volume mismatch between DT and mobile versions
  38. Unable to use Print List (error message)
  39. helppppppp
  40. error 5: access denied
  41. Customizing Recipe Format Columns
  42. "Message" - Pop Up when I try to Open Recipe
  43. recipe jumbled using Mobil version
  44. Problems with add on equipment
  45. Import settings from Linux
  46. Sparge Runoffg pH Rounding
  47. Equipment bug
  48. Linux error - will not run
  49. Issue when adding water with minerals
  50. Windows 10 Permissions Issue