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  1. Possible Issue With Mac OS Mountain Lion
  2. Possible water profile error?
  3. Error when Printing
  4. ver 2.1 install error
  5. Water Profile Tool - Calculate best Additions
  6. Aging [, Hop] and carbonation profiles not come up with 2.1.02
  7. Yeast starter tab and tool conflict
  8. Cloud recipe corrupt?
  9. error updating recipe prices for coriander and orange peel
  10. Inventory balance gone faulty by going into negative?
  11. not enough space?
  12. Files lost...again.
  13. Attenuation
  14. Assertion when selecting Date for yeast
  15. Save Inventory to Cloud Creates a Weird Recipe
  16. Adding beerstyle
  17. Problem When Adding New Recipe
  18. Recipes wont import on new machine
  19. Styrian hop profile all wrong
  20. Mac 2.1.02 Cannot import BSM or XML files from 1.X
  21. Arrow usage
  22. Adding Recipe to cloud causes BS2 to crash
  23. Hydrometer Adjust tool!
  24. Norton Security Suite erased BS2.1
  25. Lost my recipes when Upgrading to 2.0.12
  26. BIAB infusion mash volume & temp numbers are way off
  27. Currency bug when transfering from shopping list to inventory
  28. lost yeast inventory
  29. Yeast date defaults and date picker
  30. post-boil gravity not calculating correctly
  31. Can't open file error. BS2 is unusable
  32. Help isn't working on Mac running Lion.....
  33. Different specs for absolutely same recipe?
  34. BeerSmith 2.0.65 Debian/Ubuntu x64 cannot import .BSM files.
  35. preview pane nolonger working
  36. Mac 64-Bit Drag/Drop still not working
  37. BeerSmith 2 sample recipes, wrong BCJP categories?
  38. IBU value different on mac and pc?
  39. Description text for Styles not in English - Version - 2.065
  40. Shopping List prints a blank page (and yes i'm using the big button)
  41. LME/DME SRMs
  42. Opening a bsmx file
  43. Boil size calculation not adding up I think
  44. ABV Calc and gravity calcs when using Maltodextrine
  45. I keep missing my starting gravity with the new version
  46. How do I modify the margins on Brewsheet/Reports on a Mac???!
  47. Mash Profile Association and Change Updates
  48. Switching Units in Tools > Options Causes Loss of Data
  49. Printing shopping list
  50. Errors/crash when opening XML from hopville