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  1. Lost a recipe and part of inventory
  2. Unable to change columns in recipe view
  3. Standard reports look good, but not custom reports.
  4. Long pauses during use
  5. Save-as + cancel does q wierd thing.
  6. All my recipes GONE!
  7. BeerSmith 2 Build 64 (beta)
  8. Show Brew Steps - Blank
  9. Recipe Scaling problem
  10. Can't adjust mash
  11. Calendar off by a day
  12. Printing issue!
  13. Leap Year Issue - wxAssert DateTime Error tm.IsValid() on 29 Feb
  14. RFE - automatically/manually check for updates - BS v2.0.58 on OS X
  15. Hop Utilization recipe vs Hop Bitterness Calculator
  16. Beersmith using Estimated data for calculations
  17. html custom reports duplicate subheading
  18. Pitching Rate Calculation Error
  19. Version Tab
  20. Update Style Guide Sliders based on measured values
  21. keep getting an error when trying to print brew steps
  22. Missing Recipe Information
  23. DateTime Error When Loading Program
  24. Error in BeerSmith Version 2.057
  25. Bug when working in mash steps
  26. Mac Resolution & Scrolling
  27. Mash in quarts, sparge in gallons
  28. Yeast tool vs in recipe yeast tool
  29. Can not adjust recipe columns
  30. Help File Using Profiles and Styles > Mash Profiles incorrect link
  31. Mash Profile has vanished
  32. RFE: Cmd-, to pull up Preferences - BS v2.0.58 for OS X
  33. mouse hover balloons laggy, hit-or-miss - BS2 v2.0.58 OS X
  34. IBU calculation and DME
  35. Mac Build 2.0.54
  36. Saved recipes revert to default carbonation and aging profiles
  37. Calendar Issue
  38. Mash water volume & deadspace
  39. change units to just pounds rather than pounds and ounces
  40. Fly Sparge
  41. Multiple file copies appearing in BS directory
  42. MAC: BeerSmith 2 No Longer Opens, Multiple Errors
  43. Inventory Hops don't have alpha acid
  44. Recipe to Shopping List Units
  45. Yeast Packaging Date
  46. Batch Size Calculation Problem
  47. Error opening BeerSmith2.exe
  48. Adjust Temp For Equip unselects when changing mash profile
  49. Measuring the IBU dosn´t seem to work properly
  50. Yeast Name Custom Report Tag