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  1. Missing hops and malts
  2. SPARGE_STEPS doesn't expand with first wort hops
  3. Missing equipment profiles
  4. Beersmith asked me to activate everything is gone!
  5. Brew Process TXT omits Aroma Hops
  6. Grain Absorption vs. Moisture percentage
  7. Dragging recipe to folder no longer works with Mac v1.0.57
  8. Getting a fair number of crashes on Mac
  9. Transfer from old computer to new computer
  10. Bug in refractometer tool
  11. Water volume discrepency
  12. Grain not removed from shopping cart after adding to inventory
  13. After upgrade to 057, Calendar can not find "Brew Log" data
  14. Momentary freeze
  15. estimated abv and measured abv don't match
  16. BeerSmith 2 Build 57 (Release) Important Scale Recipe Fix
  17. Beersmith 2 saves a new copy of files in its directory
  18. recipe design page, plato is off on measured OG
  19. 2.0.57 on Mac, Help appears to be broken
  20. Activating BeerSmith twice?
  21. 2.0.57 crashed when using undo/redo
  22. 2.0.57 crash
  23. Can't open report template to preview this item..
  24. Late Boil Addition issues
  25. Build 54 official version problem?
  26. Shopping list not reading inventory
  27. build 2.0.54 bug ..mash profile, water calculation
  28. Installers miss labeled
  29. BeerSmith 2 Build 54 (Formal) Available
  30. Conversion from US to Metric
  31. Customize Columns feature removes first column every time it is used
  32. Can not Print using Mac and Epson printer
  33. Help Files Missing
  34. Several problems with OG calculations
  35. Equipment bug - Mac
  36. Unable to change columns in recipe view
  37. deleting taste notes
  38. Malt Table, Adding column causes name to drop-off
  39. adding hops to a recipe
  40. Can't copy "Plain TXT" recipe on Mac
  41. SRM
  42. Preview Pane icon
  43. Shopping cart has "needed 0" items in it
  44. Incomplete Misc. Ingredient List
  45. IBU reading .01 when boiling cascade for 15 minutes?
  46. My IBU is wrong
  47. Save button issue - build 051
  48. "Check for updates" does not install latest release?!?!
  49. Shopping Cart mistakes
  50. Recipe List Column Bug?