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  1. Problems with converting units.
  2. BeerSmith 2 Build 51 (Open Beta) Available
  3. Mac Download Problems (Invalid DMG file)
  4. Est. Original Gravity not an available field?
  5. Adding shopping list to inventory
  6. Batch Size not updating on Batch Volume Unit change
  7. Recipe report (txt) - ingredients order
  8. Units
  9. Item Substitution problem
  10. Value of Beer Barrel
  11. Crash on my mac whenever I try to open Mash details
  12. 2.0.50 Water calculation issue
  13. BrewProcess TXT report glitch
  14. Mash Grain Weight
  15. Print & Print List buttons
  16. BeerSmith 2 Build 50 (Formal Release) Available
  17. BS 2.0.48 Ingredients Not Displaying
  18. Preview doesn't show ingredients
  19. Sharing recipes between computers
  20. My notes are disappearing
  21. First wort hopping with extract brewing does not show up on brew sheet
  22. Settings in Yeast Tab
  23. Crash when printing directly from brew-log
  24. Unable to "Preview" any list using the Preview button next to Print List
  25. Issue Printing
  26. BS 2.0.46 Formatted Reports Missing Information
  27. Deleting of my equipment
  28. Unable to Preview, Scale, or Print Brewlog
  29. Units for hop prices in grams are rounded too much
  30. Strange behaviour in units converting tools
  31. Inventory & Shopping List in Profiles Tab ?
  32. where are my recipes
  33. XML output of fermentation temperature issue
  34. minor suggestions
  35. IBUs Increase as boil time is added
  36. Transfer shopping list to inventory
  37. Data loss bug in build 46
  38. Beersmith translates xml fields...
  39. Build 46 - Beersmith Mac Crashing when Mash Details Tab Clicked
  40. New Build cutting off frame/icons
  41. Importing BeerXML files in BeerSmith 2
  42. Build 45: wxWidgets Debug Alert
  43. Help me fix my problems if you can with BeerSmith2
  44. OG not adusted when boiling duration increases in Recipe Design
  45. Brew Steps won't load
  46. Pct Alcohol and hydrometer tool problem
  47. Frames resize between sessions (Mac OS X)
  48. Remove from Inventory issue
  49. New Recipe doesn't show detail page buttons
  50. BeerSmith 2 Build 46 (Formal Release) Available