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  1. Build 46 not saving UI settings
  2. No html files listed in custom report browsing
  3. No total water needed result in WN Tool (v2.0.45)
  4. Report Variable: $SPARGE_STEPS
  5. Can not Print the Recipe Price Variable: $PRICE
  6. water/grain ratio bug in build 40
  7. Errors in Beersmith reports
  8. Open Beta - Build 44 Pre-Release
  9. Invalid XML syntax in BeerXML export
  10. Hang when sorting recipes
  11. Few minor bugs I found
  12. Cooling Loss irregularity
  13. Lost Some of my Style
  14. Open Beta - Build 42 Beta Available Here
  15. wet hopping
  16. Dual Monitor - problems with brewsteps display
  17. Batch Sparge Bug
  18. Can't Delete Last Letter of Recipe Name While Renamming (using DELETE key)
  19. beer xml
  20. Scrolling in BeerSmith window in Mac OS X
  21. Seeing several issues with BeerSmith 2
  22. Can't save new Beer Style Profile or Mash Profiles
  23. Deleted recipe add-ons and now all of my own recipes are gone!
  24. No Print
  25. Issues Running in Wine 1.2.3 on Ubuntu 11.04
  26. Ingredients not showing up on brewsheet
  27. Lost my recipes
  28. Crashing while Printing
  29. Delete in Recipe view changes selected item
  30. bulk hop changes
  31. BeerXML export file screwed up
  32. Program hangs intermittently
  33. Report Template Problem
  34. Recipe ingredients not showing in Report/Preview
  35. Remove from Inventory in Recipe problems
  36. Folder numbering
  37. BS2.0 Hangs when changing default directory
  38. Adding "equipment" to Inventory
  39. WxWidgets Debug Alert
  40. Network access thru proxy
  41. Data from 1.4 import during 2.0 install is corrupted
  42. Misc Ingredients Question
  43. New Recipe Button Problem
  44. Error or not?
  45. Simple but needed Calendar fixes
  46. Build 42 Fixes I requested
  47. Mash Temp or Steep Temp from "Select Fields" not found
  48. Shopping list only shows one item at a time no matter which report is chosen
  49. Save button
  50. ibu's not the same as in 1.4