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  1. Sharing Recipes in BeerSmith 2.0
  2. Bug: Top Up Water
  3. Measured ABV Calculation Bug
  4. Currency still an issue
  5. Custom Report Question
  6. Equipment profile gone
  7. Shopping List Grain Color
  8. Mash Profile bug in Windows 7
  9. Importing ingredients from Beersmith 1.0
  10. Converting recipes/Mash tun volume larger than...
  11. Add-ons fail
  12. Need three digits on grain weights.
  13. mash profiles old vs. new
  14. Changing equipment profile changes recipes amounts
  15. Estimated FG using Lactose
  16. Moved BeerSmith2 folder and lost data
  17. bs2.0 > beerxml > brewzor
  18. BS2 Crashing
  19. No Malting Companys?
  20. Undo / Redo support during notes editing
  21. Spelling Error
  22. Change in equipment profile doesn't update recipes using that profile
  23. Recipe list default sorting
  24. Water added after cooling does not adjust OG computation
  25. Ingredient List
  26. Sorting problem with names in My Recipes
  27. Estimated Pre-Boil Size is larger than my Brew Pot
  28. Brewing steps not keeping in step
  29. Beerxml export.
  30. Can't import my v1.4 recipes
  31. Carbonation data fields
  32. multiple .bsmx files on closing
  33. Scaling Issue
  34. Edit in new tab...
  35. Problem with native letters
  36. Error calculating total cost of miscellaneous items
  37. Water volumes bug
  38. Problem with saved data
  39. Printed shopping list isn't very good
  40. Number of packages of yeast, scales when scaling recipes
  41. Add-ons Delete Function Deleted all my recipes
  42. Error message whenever I open a recipe
  43. Formulating by Grain Percentage
  44. Mandatory scroll-down on every recipe edit...
  45. Weird calculations
  46. Save as
  47. Entering new recipe
  48. Scroll wheel doesn't work in recipe tab
  49. Yeast Starter Calculations?
  50. Printing of longer Notes