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  1. Mash Efficiency Calculator
  2. Sidebar Recipe Folder Sort
  3. Closing a tab always returns you to the rightmost open tab....
  4. Mash Efficiency with Sugar Addition
  5. Units
  6. FWH Hop Addition does not show in Brew Steps
  7. Changes not saved until you quit BeerSmith
  8. Small profile oversight
  9. No steps given in batch sparging
  10. KUDOS -- on steroids !!!
  11. 2 licenses needed for 2 "users" on 1 computer?
  12. Unable to add Assistant Brewer
  13. Side Scroll Bars
  14. "Select Your Fields" button is now missing
  15. Brew Steps
  16. Mac DeBug alert
  17. Classic recipe
  18. Drop Down List Unusable: Strike Water Tool
  19. Recipe design navigation buttons - not really a bug but...
  20. Beersmith2 won't run!
  21. Text Input Lost when Changing Options
  22. problem with reports
  23. Missing Ingredients?
  24. Opening a recipe file from forum - while BS2 is open (minor)
  25. Importing grains from Add-ons
  26. Update tab didn't find 2.0.40 - minor
  27. Help and Support problem
  28. Late extract additions and IBUs - correlation does not seem correct
  29. Style numbers off
  30. Style slider for carbonation?
  31. minor usability issue on new build -- Mac
  32. Profile edit dialogs cannot be dismissed with Escape key in windows (low prio)
  33. Spelling error in "remove from inventory" dialog warning (low prio)
  34. "Adjust Mash for Equip" seems too vague, should refer to temp?
  35. Unusual side effect from double clicking items in a dialog (low priority)
  36. Yeast Starter Calculations
  37. Water/Grain ratio is corrupted in BeerXML output file
  38. BIAB Profiles - Temperature vs Infusion
  39. Water to Grain Ratio Units
  40. Recipe colummns customizable option greyed out - can not edit.
  41. Boil Off - Thank You!
  42. Data Conversion - Please Respond
  43. Would like to see Product ID in Yeast Starter window
  44. pre-boil estimate
  45. Report Template $Price
  46. Separate units for Yeast Starter (L) and Mash Details (gal)
  47. Scaling recipe from 5 gal -> 10 gal does not modify volumes in Fermentation tab
  48. temp HTM files
  49. Equipement on Recipe Page keeps defaulting to unknown Equipement ~ MAC
  50. Update: BeerSmith 2 Build 40 Available