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  1. Inventory/Recipe/Shopping List Problem
  2. Can't Customize Columns in Inventory View
  3. Beersmith 2 (Beta Patch 38) - Yeast Starter Error?
  4. Cannot Import Mash Profiles from previous version...
  5. Ingredient conversion
  6. Changing equipment
  7. Using an existing recipe as a template for a new one
  8. Boil volume does not change when boil time is changed
  9. MAC-- Adding ingredients to Inventory
  10. Download Link
  11. bsxtmp files
  12. Syncing Between Computers
  13. File Storage Location
  14. Bug ? Mac ~ Zoom Feature ?
  15. Default Quantities
  16. How ingredients are organized on brewsheet
  17. losses to mash tun
  18. Display issue with some subscreens
  19. selecting multiple recipe entries
  20. Display issues
  21. Yeast Slurry
  22. Brew Sheet Not Updating Until Recipe Closed And Reopened
  23. have entered key, but have to activate each time I open??
  24. Carbonation Calculation w/ DME
  25. Many Mac issues...
  26. pop up discriptions box in the way
  27. Mash Tun Deadspace Calc
  28. error downloading beersmith2
  29. Yeast Starter - Viability Percentage Not Working
  30. Export to Beer.xml quotation convertion problems
  31. Super tiny, miniscule, non important bug. (incorrect tool tip popup)
  32. Mutliple bsxtmp Errors
  33. 'Brew Steps' takes well over 10 seconds to close.
  34. Recipe report (txt) - numeric entities
  35. Yeast Starter Units Issue
  36. Problems with changing column order in all screens
  37. BeerSmith 2 Patch 38 (Open Beta Currently)
  38. Fermentation Tab
  39. Questions/Comments after first experiement
  40. New MISC items don't show up in Inventory
  41. OFFline pc wont activate
  42. Confirmation to save does not work when clicking "OK" compared to the 'X'
  43. Changing Fermentation closes Recipe
  44. Mash Profiles did not Import
  45. Add-ons cause program to hang when internet offline
  46. Mash Adjust Tool
  47. Set own beer image - crop/fit image...
  48. Newly created hop not on inventory until restart of inventory
  49. Hop Boil Time Increments only 5 mins...
  50. 2 Chocolate Malts screw up inventory