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  1. Potential issue with Water Profile Tool - Calculate Best Additions
  2. Adding VERSION to the recipe design view crashes beersmith 2
  3. Temperature in Celsius Only in Whole Numbers?
  4. Mixed units
  5. Control-C Copy doesn't work in recipe preview pane
  6. Currency symbol not respected
  7. Brew steps / brew sheet doesn't change til you close the recipe
  8. Add-on: Zymoferm yeast
  9. Water Profiler
  10. Typo in Help: link
  11. Update notices - code fixes
  12. Keyboard behavior inconsistent between Mac/Windows
  13. Taste Rating and Comments
  14. Missing Data in Conversion From 1.4 to 2.0
  15. add ons not adding.
  16. Mac OS X - BS tries to create its subdirectory in system tree and fails
  17. sorting by type in inventory
  18. Does not open window on second monitor at startup
  19. Printing on Linux
  20. Error message
  21. C Run-time error R6034 {SOLVED}
  22. Sorting by TYPE column doesn't always work right
  23. Fly Sparge descriptor, extract brewsheet, generic defaults
  24. BS2 forgets I already activated
  25. Minor display issue
  26. Need Help Activating BS2!!
  27. Recipe dialog rotates up when selecting an item
  28. Tool-tip display duration
  29. Importing crashes Beersmith II, version 2.0.37
  30. custom reports on 2.0 - folder and file names
  31. Error when installing in XP
  32. Post your Bugs - One per thread!
  33. Antivirus Warnings with BeerSmith 2