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  1. Grains added to boil instead of mash - Mobile v 2.3.4
  2. Issue on starter page
  3. Sparge water volume and temp not displayed in DT version
  4. 2.3.12 can't print Shopping List
  5. html Missing?
  6. adding grains to the list?
  7. Bug Trying to Print Shopping List?
  8. Beersmith2 won't run in Ubuntu.
  9. Purchased copy of BS2 reverted back to trial
  10. BeerSmith deletes all digits after the decimal point
  11. Problems Installing or Running the program?
  12. Mash sparge volume Bug?
  13. Non fermentable glitch
  14. Getting this error Error: Infusion temperature above boiling. Add more water!
  15. Bug with Water Profile Input to Recipe
  16. Add-on issue (it might be me)
  17. Bug with FG ?
  18. Mash Efficiency
  19. Recipes lost now WTF
  20. BeerXML import not recognising <use>Druy Hop</use>
  21. Quite surprising scaling
  22. New errors. Can't start Beersmith2 on Debian (SID)
  23. Beersmith 2 un-authenticated, now lost recipes
  24. Font's & windows are very small
  25. Error message while printing
  26. BeerSmith2 is linked to an very outdated libwebkitgtk
  27. Error when trying to print shopping list
  28. Disappearing recipes - Aaarrgh....
  29. White Labs Yeast aging rate appears to be wrong
  30. Manjaro Linux Support
  31. Instructions for installation of custom reports missing from help
  32. Beersmith hangs when tyring to print Recipes
  33. ABV, Mash Issue - Windows 10 (1607&1703) with BeerSmith 2.3.12
  34. Simpson Malt
  35. Calorie calculator not updating? Beersmith 2.3 Issue?
  36. Computer not uploading to cloud
  37. My cloud recipe just rolled back to scratch
  38. Trial extention
  39. Lock Recipe not locking grain absorption in recipes
  40. Mash steps - rounding errors?
  41. problems with estimated FG/ABV
  42. no import wizard
  43. JavaScript Error using BeerSmith on iPhone
  44. Trouble receiving code to either create Cloud account or reset password
  45. No shortcuts and hang...
  46. problem with saving new recipes
  47. Starting problem
  49. Cannot see installed Add-ons
  50. Locked recipe still generates archive edit record