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  1. Scrambled Mash Steps
  2. Infusion Temp in Mash
  3. Grainfather do not show up in Equipment profile after it's installed.
  4. No [print preview or print after Windows 10 upgrade
  5. Braumeister 50 l add-on not found
  6. Crashes when an ingredient is edited
  7. Mash efficiency incorrect after upgrade
  8. Fresh Windows 10 install and Add-ons still don't work
  9. Mac 10.12.4 craches at startup
  10. Windows 10 Anniversary Update and BeerSmith Add-ons
  11. Color range is always in SRM
  12. help please w/ Hopshots
  13. Can't Print
  14. Error while loading shared libaries on Kubuntu 16.10
  15. Starter tab always recommends 1 pkg for dry yeast, regardless of age
  16. Printing broken, Tab management issues, slow/beachballing - v 2.3.12, Mac / OS X
  17. Cloud Search on Mac not displaying any results
  18. Graphing function fails
  19. Problem with Customizing Columns in Recipe Windoe
  20. Equal Runnings are not calculated correctly v2.3.12
  21. beersmith xml
  22. Anoying Message about new version of BS
  23. Auto-renaming bug.
  24. Lost all of my recipes
  25. Incorrect Order for Whirlpool Hop Additions
  26. Printing Recipe and Brew Steps messed up in 2.3.6
  27. Est Post Boil Grav. incorrect where Top Up Water has been spec'd in equip profil
  28. Beersmith Cloud Doesn't Open Recipes Stored On Cloud With Certain Connections.
  29. First time printing issue
  30. Beersmith 2.3.7 crashes constantly on mac
  31. Unable to search cloud
  32. Mash Profile behavior
  33. 2.2.12 - Calendar bug
  34. Can't find certain hops
  35. Golden Promise not in database
  36. Strike Water Temperature and Mash Tun Volume
  37. BeerSmith2 Not Quitting Cleanly - Windows 32
  38. Changing units
  39. Unable to upgrade
  40. High CPU load on Macbook when having recipes open
  41. Report Column Resizing
  42. Created a new Misc and the numbers didn't match
  43. Advanced settings for profile instead of global
  44. 2.3.7_17_amd64 Debian (Jessie) stable Gtk-CRITICAL
  45. Attenuation not taking into account final digit of FG, when that digit is 1
  46. Registration broken?
  47. Lost some recipes?
  48. Query: server crash?
  49. Printing in Win10 with BeerSmith v 2.3.7
  50. Print Inventory List Error on Mac