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  1. Lost inventory and added grains
  2. No Alarm Sound on Timer - Android
  3. Beersmith 2 for android. All settings and recepies dissapears frequently.
  4. MAC 10.10.5 Yosemite - Beersmith 2.2.12 - Print not working
  5. Error When loading new Add-ons - Permissions
  6. Beersmith calculations way off
  7. Differing maximum password lengths
  8. IndexFull.html SyntaxError
  9. BeerSmith will not print to PDF
  10. Can't connect to cloud
  11. Brewsmith 2 activation code paid for but not received.
  12. Style Guide Comparison section not please.
  13. How to change the key
  14. Frustrated as FUCK!!!
  15. Purchasing Desktop = Free purchase of Apps?
  16. Can't make a new recipe
  17. Printing Issue
  18. Wyeast 1056 Viability error
  19. "Deleted stale lock file" error, nothing in my home directory
  20. Plain text report cutting off data
  21. Shopping List Customization
  22. UX suggestions
  23. Upgrading BeerSmith 2.2 and BeerSmith 2.2 Issues
  24. Windows 10
  25. Can't Login To Cloud - Login Failed
  26. Lost Toolbars and panels and can't get them back???
  27. Can't import from .bsmx file created by Export All
  28. Recepies lost after formatting HD
  29. Gravity is way off when importing a recipe.
  30. All my recipes have disappeared
  31. Single Infusion Batch Sparge - Equal Runnings
  32. Printing Issues - Missing Specs and Details
  33. Possible Bug
  34. An assertion failed! (when opening xml file)
  35. Mac issues: More than one version running?
  36. BeerSmith 2 Won't Launch in MacOS
  37. Negative Sparge and mash water volume mismatch
  38. Recipe cloud search
  39. Mac issue, multiple versions running but they are not
  40. Mac issues: More than one version running
  41. Negative Sparge and mash water volume mismatch
  42. Beersmith 2 Cloud login fail
  43. Another El Captain problem...
  44. Error Message
  45. Startup Error
  46. Can i use the reicpes from my Windows BS in Mac op system?
  47. Javascript error on Accesing cloud receipe on Android device
  48. Additional Add-ons
  49. Mash profile does not show steps in proper order
  50. Beersmith becoming flakey