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  1. BeerSmith Bug? Help!
  2. Removed column in 'design recipe' tab [solved]
  3. Encoding problem for plain text export when adding BBCode (Linux version)
  4. No longer prints
  5. BeerSmith 2.2.12_amd64 Startup Problem
  6. No sound on timer alarm
  7. Refractometer calibration options not working
  8. Duplicate bsmx files created every time Beersmith 2 closes (Windows 10)
  9. Timer not audible in Mac OS 10.9
  10. installing on a new computer
  11. Beersmith2 Locking up
  12. Issues with IOS 9.0.2
  13. no-boil equipment profile and gravity
  14. Yeast amounts need to be in grams, mills, oz.
  15. Yeast quantity needs changing to grams, mls, oz
  16. Printing issue
  17. Recipe Cloud
  18. Something is wrong with og calculation
  19. Potential missing from grain add-ons
  20. MOVED: Mobile "set timer" blocks app from proceeding
  21. Tuning Beersmith to my brew rig
  22. Total cost Accuracy
  23. 21 day Trial only lasted 3 hours. wth?
  24. JavaScript error on Samsung Galaxy S6
  25. Android app doesn't correctly display IBUs from recipes uploaded to cloud
  26. Starter Function adds "Add Yeast" cell count to "Yeast Cells Needed" for batch
  27. New Laptop
  28. Something is not right
  29. beersmith cannot print in windows 10
  30. Gravity points: imperial versus metric
  31. Stacktrace
  32. Attenuation way off for Fermentis WB-06 yeast
  33. Windows 10 Installation issue
  34. Beersmith 2 crashing when loading beerXML file with German characters on LINUX
  35. Bug in water profile tool? (solved)
  36. bug in save, bug in special malt fermentability
  37. BeerSmith Loses My Sort Settings Every Time It Restarts
  38. Desktop and Mobile Install
  39. HiDPI/Retina Support
  40. Recoverying from hard disk failuer
  41. Startup Error
  42. Wacky Bug!
  43. BUG in inventory price calculation
  44. Starter Viability is not calculating
  45. BS Mac always asks for license even though it has been purchased and entered
  46. Beersmith keeps looking to use non-existent MyDocuments path
  47. Re-installed Beersmith, but now missing some hops
  48. Install on third machine by removing and de-activating a previous installation?
  49. Landscape Printing Mac OS X
  50. "Not enough quota available" error.