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  1. Trying to work on a water profile
  2. Grain weight basis calculations
  3. Cloud view doesn't have any Measured available columns
  4. Adding Equipment using the Add-ons add function
  5. Whirlpool Hops not sorting by steep time
  6. Linux Mint 19 (Tara) Mate - BeerSmith 2.3.12 fails to launch
  7. License questions
  8. importing to new computer
  9. Boil length adjustment
  10. BeerSmith 2 pop-up message
  11. Print Error
  12. HiDPI / Display Scaling support for Linux please
  13. Boil volume anomaly
  14. Beersmith Unregistered + Factory Reset?
  15. OG -> FG goes down?
  16. Wrong volumes when adding sugar or extract
  17. Recipe batch size and trub loss
  18. Idaho #7 Hops not adding IBU's
  19. All my grain disappeared. BSMX file is there, seems OK?
  20. Whirlpool Bitterness Discrepancy!!!
  21. Mash Timer - Steps don't alarm
  22. Bug in adding yeast date.
  23. Trub Loss and Boil SG / Batch volumes
  24. Formula Bug - Adjust Mash for Vol Deadspace
  25. pH adjustment in BeerSmith using mineral salts and acidulated malt
  26. Crash lost all profiles, and recipes
  27. Attenuation of gravity with addition of sugar.
  28. Yeasts and Quantity
  29. I cannot login to Beersmith cloud
  30. Can't Launch in Ubuntu (Linux) 17.04/17.10
  31. Hop IBUs all at ZERO when designing 1 gallon batches!
  32. Can't enter decimal fraction to input fields [ubuntu]
  33. Beersmith 2 Mobile on Android 5.1.1
  34. Starting a new extract recipe keeps putting a Mash step into my brewsteps
  35. Beersmith printing issue on Windows 10
  36. Yeast starter
  37. My computers crash! Lost Key! pls Help!
  38. Can't install Trial of Beer Smith
  39. Beersmith 2.3.12 crashes when importing a beerxml recipe
  40. new installation error: Can't find file
  41. Sort by date when non-US date order
  42. Various files being recreated on each BeerSmith Use
  43. No timer sound Beersmith 2.3.12 on MacOS high Sierra 10.13.3
  44. Moved to Windows 10, now ingredients are not in order
  45. Lost Key, Cannot recover. Please help!!
  46. Linux crash
  47. Specific Heat Calculations Conflicting
  48. Linux - crashes if my profile (.beersmith2 folder) exists
  49. Please help, cant open beersmith 2
  50. Cannot start Beersmith wxWidgets Debug Alert