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  1. Lost Hops
  2. Grain color not shown in inventory listing
  3. Timer audio not sounding when beersmith in background.
  4. Several cloud recipes viewable in Android, and on website, but NOT in OSX!
  5. Can not use Refractometer Tool anymore... SOLVED!!!
  6. Late Sugar Addition Affects Pre-Boil Gravity
  7. Assertion Failed ALL THE TIME!!!!
  8. Recipe missing ingredients and only 8 hops in ingredient list
  9. OG much higher than est. OG
  10. Scale recipe - issue
  11. Grain Pricing?
  12. Formatting content in Custom Reports
  13. Coopers Add On - IBU'S way off.
  14. All of my recipes vanished!
  15. DON'T!!!! use the undo button when you are in the middle of a brew session!!!
  16. Final Gravity estimation way off in Plato, but correct in SG units
  17. "&" in recipe name crashes BeerSmith for Mac
  18. Upgrading from BS Lite on iPhone won't work.
  19. Can not Change Mash Water Volume inside Recipe
  20. Cloud recipe not matching local recipe
  21. Duplicate configuration files when opening BeerSmith
  22. IBUs in recipe don't match - maybe a bug
  23. SG and Mash temperature, Calculation error?
  24. Changing units problem
  25. Mac Activation issue - asking to activate again.
  26. Units not updating under Mash
  27. Alright, lets try this again...
  28. Custom Reports: WATER_GRAIN_RATIO and Grain Absorption Rate
  29. BeerSmith deleting my recipes
  30. Grain Percentage Calculation
  31. custom Reports
  32. boil time won't change in cloud after amendment
  33. Statistics in mobile software
  34. Can't edit mash step (Mobile app)
  35. Carbonation uses estimated volume
  36. Bottling volume & carbonation used
  37. BeerSmith 2.2.12 Printing Recipe font too dark against dark header bar.
  38. Printing Does Not Work Mac Yosemite
  39. Black field on the last page when printing the recipe
  40. Bug in alcohol percent calculation
  41. Initial screen not maximized; can't scroll through menus - 64-bit Ubuntu
  42. Open XML with non-english characters in name causes crash
  43. Keyboard Shortcuts Still Missing from Mac OS X Version
  44. Rice hulls counting in recipe percents
  45. Cannot resize ingredient window
  46. Help Screen
  47. Need help
  48. Beersmith 2.2.12 keeps telling me there's a new version
  49. BeerSmith crash on Mac 10.10.2
  50. BeerSmith 2 Linux Open Beta