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  1. BeerSmith2 stops responding in print prevew
  2. command + Z undoes unrelated changes. and copy / paste feature request.
  3. Cannot Import .BSM files to BeerSmith 2 on Macbook
  4. Reports "cloud full" when copying multple recipes from cloud to my recipes
  5. Trouble Upgrading to BeerSmith 2
  6. Getting BS2 up and running after PC chrash
  7. Missing beer styles
  8. Mac Retina Support?
  9. IBU calculation does not function for 3 gallon batch size
  10. Profiles and Recipes Missing
  11. Mash Profile Sorting
  12. timer error
  13. Not caclulating "Water to add" correctly after setting water/grain ration
  14. Small bug for Mash Out step when RIM'ing
  15. BS2 wont load
  16. Different "steps" between BeerSmith on my computer and BeerSmith Lite on my iPad
  17. CaCl and CaSO4 mistakes
  18. Customizing fields- Weight/Amount disappeared
  19. Removing ingredients with a recipe
  20. Re-saving beer styles - SRM vs EBC
  21. Addition of Sinamar to BS
  22. Windows 8.1 Display Issue
  23. Windows 8.1 High Resolution Screens and Increased Font Size
  24. Ingredient Order off for Whirlpool Hops
  25. BeerSmith is useless for controlling inventory
  26. Timer Error Android
  27. Inconsistent Sparge Volume
  28. Pre Boil Mash estimates when adding sugar
  29. Beersmith wxWidgets Debug Alert
  30. Corrupted prices in Inventory
  31. Recipe Version Counter in Recipe Design not prompting for new name
  32. Error: Another copy of BeerSmith is already running.
  33. Gravity Discrepancies With Trub Loss
  34. overshooting gravity
  35. Mac OS X Issue
  36. Unable to print in Beersmith 2.2.12
  37. Can't get old activation key
  38. yeast changes Package Date when added
  39. License Key Re- Entry
  40. Help not working
  41. Priming calculator in the fermentation page problem
  42. Notes don't print properly
  43. elementaryos (ubuntu 14.04) freezing
  44. android Cloud recipe / timer bug.
  45. Error everytime I start Beersmith
  46. Water Tool - Mineral Profiles all 0?
  47. Inventory issues
  48. BS2 fails to import any XML files
  49. Lost Notes
  50. whats in the bottle