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  1. Scale Recipe Button
  2. Timer
  3. Loss to Trub and Chiller (EQUIPMENT PROFILE) error
  4. Printing the shopping list locks up printer
  5. When extract is added at end of boil, it changes pre-boil gravity.
  6. Hopshot Is measured in OZ not ML
  7. Pale Chocolate malt??
  8. Mash efficiency problems - reset to factory default
  9. Trying to unlock for a fouth time, no workey.
  10. BeerSmith Crash
  11. Not sure if OG is calculating properly on my partial mashes
  12. yeast viability not changing
  13. Extract/partial-mash differences
  14. Equipment and Mash profiles do not sync boil time
  15. Mash Profile mash in volume and Mash in volume used by the recipe differ
  16. Yeast Viability and Help-Yeast Starter Tab
  17. BeerSmith 2.2.12 - Style guideline is incomplete
  18. Yeast not showing in Brewing Process Text Report
  19. Mash pre boil gravity and efficiency
  20. Linux scroll wheel does work. BUt...
  21. 1.4 Win to 2.2 Linux
  22. Mac 2.2.12 locks up on File-->Print of a recipe. Repeatable.
  23. Database Errors when closing BeerSmith 2.2.12
  24. Missing Components - Grain after 2.2 upgrade/migration
  25. Hop Age Tool
  26. fatal error?
  27. License question
  28. Formula for % ABV
  29. How to Unlock Cloud Recipe that was open when Beersmith 2 crashed?
  30. Cannot view recipe files
  31. Help with Java Errors
  32. Error Message when trying to save recipes to Cloud
  33. Added png image 297/x512 - no good.
  34. Cannot adjust Mash Option / Cannot Find Style
  35. "Mash" tab not functional!
  36. I can't add recipes etc
  37. Preference issue with Mac version 2.2.12
  38. Cloud Issues
  39. Mash graph cut-out
  40. Updated to latest, suprised <return> still doesn't work
  41. New recipes and recipe changes being lost
  42. Transferring BeerSmith 2.2
  43. Enter Activation Code every time?
  44. Error message when starting up Beersmith-2 -Mac maverick
  45. Est OG problems with 2.2
  46. Equipment Wizard in Recipe Tab
  47. Running problem - Linux
  48. Color unit tool
  49. Recipe print stopped working
  50. Inventory "noise" - items disappear, or change amounts