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  1. Cannot open BeerSmith 2.2
  2. Unable to connect to cloud
  3. Misc ingredient amounts
  4. Customizing order of columns only works on Design Page, not Inventory list page
  5. recovery
  6. Finding registration on hard drive
  7. Beersmith not opening HELP!
  8. Water Volume Question
  9. style guide in 2.1 mobile
  10. Missing Data in Brew Log
  11. no Caramel 20?
  12. IBU calculation changed after upgrade
  13. Changing units in preferences messes up style guide arrows for open recipes.
  14. Adding a malt extract to the database - what EBC ?
  15. Water to grain ratio
  16. Estimated ABV vs Measured ABV
  17. Can't recover activation key
  18. BeerSmith not saving layout settings.
  19. Debian LInux 7.2.0 32 bit
  20. Deleted stale lock file '/Users/banner/BeerSmith2-banner' ??
  21. Vertical lines appear when adjusting columns
  22. Timer audio fails to play on subsequent use.
  23. Style sheet not found
  24. 2.2.12 (Ubuntu) Partial Screen Use On Startup
  25. Patagonia Malts by Maltexco
  26. computer crash
  27. Metric to English weight unit conversion
  28. Yeast package date is not used
  29. Renaming the Brew Log
  30. Incorrect date format for rest of the world
  31. Bad Math: Loss to Trub and Chiller
  32. Typo in "Refractometer Tool" help page
  33. Help Files display as coding/nonsense characters
  34. Selected lockops in beersmith
  35. Only one Beersmith can be open at a time?
  36. weirdness with Unit switch
  37. 'New Recipe' won't clear old recipe
  38. Vers. 2.2.12 - Mashing Timer resets after 1:04:02
  39. SRM/Color Image Not Rendering Correctly
  40. Preview pane showing incorrect data Version 2.2.12
  41. Scrolling not working on 2.2.12, Ubuntu Linux
  42. Steep/whirlpool should add bitterness to every addition
  43. Not Fermentable does not work when type set to Grain
  44. Files get overwritten when trying to share over a network
  45. Sparge water uses thermal expansion twice.
  46. Style listing only shows subset of all styles
  47. Search doesn't look in folders
  48. MOVED: Document Directory
  49. Dollar Cost Averaging not working
  50. IndexFull.html error