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  1. Shopping List Costs
  2. Grain price at 0 in shopping list
  3. 2.2 keeps trying to download update after it was installed
  4. Still getting script errors on Print after installing 2.2.012 on Win7
  5. Recipes storage folder?????
  6. Every time I close my program, my ingredients change
  7. Cloud tab not opening
  8. Additions to Ingredients List Disappear
  9. OG changes unhappy with the new version
  10. Mash tun volume change by itself
  11. I keep getting a notice to update
  12. So many errors !
  13. Unhandled Signal 4?
  14. Add Misc to Inventory Units Wrong
  15. Error Message file couldn't be removed
  16. Error when printing recipe
  17. 2.2 Preferences don't load changed equipment profiles
  18. Column Items Error in Design View
  19. Brew Steps Printing YUK!
  20. beersmith2.2.10 wxWidgets debug Alert
  21. upgrading
  22. 2.2.11 AntiVirus Conflict
  23. Memory Access Violation
  24. Brew session notes gone
  25. Equipment Profile Gone
  26. I do not copy to cloud folder
  27. Sparge Volume is negative
  28. Using new CSS styling for reports
  29. Water Profile Tool - Am I using it correctly? + Suggestions
  30. Extract specific gravity is different between old version and new
  31. Scaling Recipe Bug in Builds 2.2.07 and earlier (2.2+ only)
  32. Quantities of misc items change periodically
  33. Using dextrose in the boil changes the estimated pre-boil gravity
  34. Extract brewing: steeping grains not working
  35. "Save this mash profile to your Profiles->Mash database" function not working
  36. adding ingredients
  37. 5 and 10 min additions not calculating ibu
  38. Search Issue
  39. Print issues in Linux Version
  40. $RGB_COLOR doesn't work in Reports
  41. conflicting units makes items in inventory not show up in recipe
  42. Calypso hops entry
  43. Mac: Can Not Change Brew Steps Sheet
  44. Brewlog - Fermentation tab, Measured Efficiency bug with OG 1.031
  45. Brew steps not working!
  46. Ingredients measurements change after quitting and reopening.
  47. Crashed Yesterday - Everything Gone Today
  48. Recipe files location?
  49. Adjust temps for equipment only updates when field is unchecked then checked
  50. Units