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  1. Beersmith lite bug
  2. computer crashed
  3. Late boil additions (sugars and extracts)
  4. Cloud recipe disappeared
  5. Lost ability to edit recipe in new window.
  6. Running on Windows 8 and OSX, can I share the same dropbox documents folder
  7. My Beersmith view tab doesnt have a cloud button
  8. Strike Water Temp bug
  9. Unrealistic Water Temps
  10. I keep having firefox popups when I click on my recipe?
  11. (Another) another copy of Beersmith running on Mac os x
  12. Taste Rating Entry
  13. Bug Report: Issue When Changing Units
  14. Export shopping list
  15. FIXED ! No fix yet for "Another Copy is Already Running" error in Mac OSX
  16. importing bjcp style guidelines
  17. Trying to run program on Win 7
  18. Error: Another Copy of Beersmith is Already Running.
  19. Mash Tun Specific Heat Bug
  20. Changing option from extract to all grain changes IBU's
  21. Can only adjust hops by 1 oz
  22. Not saving recipes?
  23. Recovery Key mechanism doesn't seem to work
  24. import bug - 2.057 Mac
  25. Amount of priming sugar
  26. All Extract Brewing - Coopers Kits
  27. Importing malt list goes corrupt
  28. Can't use calendar widget on Starter tab in Mac OS
  29. Can not add my custom equipment to the equipment list.
  30. Total Water Needed for Extract Bug
  31. Double mash water volume showa as single mash
  32. Total water needed and volume into MT are not the same
  33. Linux vs Windows BeerSmith
  34. Keg/Bottling date?
  35. Request: Return key selects OK button in Mac dialog boxes
  36. mismatch inventory
  37. Help Please....cut and paste not working
  38. Lost everything - More than once
  39. Lost Recipe - Mac
  40. Boil off volume isn't adjusted when you change the boil time
  41. Recipe Version
  42. Undo / Ctrl+Z Frustrations
  43. Yeast Packets
  44. Adding a Gravatar?
  45. Estimated FG or Alcohol fails at 146F and 160F
  46. SQL Debug Error when copying to the Cloud
  47. Customize columns greyed out
  48. Beersmith 2 wont download
  49. Swiching Computers
  50. Equipment > Boil Volume - editable and yet not editable - BS v2.0.58 OS X