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  1. Change email address?
  2. Recipe Ingredients DO NOT update upon database change
  3. New Recipes Wont Save
  4. Error Inspecting Lock File?
  5. Inventory - Shopping List Bug
  6. Can't copy recipe to cloud folder, proxy error
  7. Ingredients in new recipe won't go into numerical order
  8. Scale Recipe issues
  9. BS2 keeps reporting new version available when no new version is available
  10. Error - Recipe open for editing on another computer
  11. Mac BS 2.102
  12. Date picker in Yeast Starter Tab
  13. Beersmith 2 and Windows 8?
  14. BS 2 won't boot MAC
  15. First Wort Hops Not in Brew Steps
  16. Installation Problems
  17. BeerSmith Lite crashing on Kindle version 1
  18. beersmith lite doesn't load detailed recipes from cloud
  19. Beersmith missing grains and hops...?
  20. Lost Profile Styles from "C" to "X"
  21. cant access cloud on 2nd installation
  22. Missing Yeast List
  23. Inventory showing in imperial units
  24. Print problems
  25. wrong sorting steps in new mash profile
  26. Minor anomaly in measured batch size status dot
  27. MOVED: Multiselect Add-Ons...
  28. Monitor died on old laptop, re-installing?!
  29. Yeast viability calculation
  30. yeast calculator
  31. HELP!!! Copy and Paste Error - BeerSmith Mac
  32. Where do I change the data directory? (BS2)
  33. resetting profiles back to defaults
  34. Total water volume reading too high
  35. problem with stock...
  36. Bad pre- and post-boil gravity estimate for partial BIAB
  37. Trub Loss + Extract Recipe = wrong OG
  38. Boil Off Discrepancy
  39. cant find recipes on my old drive
  40. Disk Image won't mount
  41. Repetetive Error Pop Ups when running BeerSmith 2
  42. Lauter tun deadspace doesn't affect Est. Pre-boil Gravity
  43. July 27 email regarding Brewing an IPA
  44. Version 2- restore after hard drive crash
  45. Water volume discrepancy
  46. Mash/Lauter Tun Deadspace
  47. Error adding temperature mash step
  48. Mash.bsmx
  49. Water volume problem on brew steps
  50. MAC OSX Issues