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  1. Sharing and Searching Recipes
  2. change grain weight type
  3. Carbonation tool not intuitive
  4. Arranging hops by time
  5. Pictures and Images
  6. Ability to Attach Image or Label to a Recipe
  7. Tapatalk
  8. Whirlpol IBU Calc's
  9. Hop Add On
  10. Raspberry Pi port & BrewTroller
  11. beer smith for chrome as an app
  12. Inventory Suggestions
  13. Friends/group function
  14. Beersmith for Apple Watch
  15. Suggest Recipes Based on Inventory
  16. Fermentation Log
  17. Mash Profile Grain Absorption Adjustment
  18. Inventory Batches, history etc
  19. remove the cap on cloud recipes
  20. Carbonation Calculator should show all carbonation options
  21. Better integration of cloud
  22. Remove from Inventory BUG
  23. Yeast Slurry Calculator
  24. Hop Age Tool
  25. Brew Day Notes and Reporting of the Information
  26. Sticking to using one measuring standard for all calculations
  27. Star rating next to recipes
  28. Timer steps should not disappear.
  29. Temp reader for BeerSmith
  30. Items moved from shopping list to inventory should be deleted automatically
  31. Web version for recipes
  32. Option to keep hop amounts the same when adjusting gravity
  33. Dry hop Beta acid bitterness needs to be calculated in IBU total
  34. Robust Text Formatting and Editing in Notes Field and other like fields
  35. A suggestion for fun
  36. Mashing - scaling time chart and parallel mashing
  37. Easy way to transfer all ingredients, profiles inventory to Ipad from desktop
  38. Relative bitterness ratio
  39. Displayed Field Word Order
  40. Pumpkin Ingredient
  41. Has to be asked...Promash Recipe Conversion
  42. Equinox Hops
  43. Inventory of your own ingredients
  44. IBU calculations with whirlpool
  45. volume calc
  46. More fermentation steps aka Blackbox profiles
  47. My Wishlist for Beersmith
  48. Create a Custom Reports forum section
  49. DP calculator
  50. Batch Sparge suggestion