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  1. inventory based recipe search
  2. Inventory - Always on Hand
  3. Option to add hops by desired IBU not weight
  4. Multiple hop additions
  5. Mead
  6. Set malt quantity by percent and hop quantity by IBU/AAU contribution
  7. upload your brewroom photo
  8. Version numbering
  9. Post recipe to facebook
  10. Would love to have this option
  11. BeerSmith for Steam
  12. Requests for future enhancements
  13. Add method for creating a new fermentation profile for lagers and such.
  14. Better Support for Decoction Mashing
  15. Date opened on inventory items
  16. Suggested Inventory enhancement
  17. New style selections
  18. Feature Request - Add Links
  19. Sugestion
  20. Suggestions for the calendar
  21. messages last xx hours
  22. hidden cost of a brew - calculation
  23. Customizable Events recalled by timers...
  24. Automatic Water Chemistry
  25. Access this forum through "TapaTalk"
  26. Which Recipe am I working on
  27. How about a BIAB forum?
  28. OZ in the Recipe, lbs in the Shopping list
  29. Hop addition time, bitterness extraction & steep/whirlpool duration
  30. Column customization addition
  31. Group hop additions by time
  32. Total hops in recipe button
  33. Custom report tag request
  34. Two small suggestions
  35. tracking a batch
  36. "Disable" button/feature when designing a recipe
  37. Need to be able to write protect recipes
  38. iCal
  39. Recipe Mod Time in Cloud Recipe
  40. allow to sync with dropbox or other user owned server
  41. OS X Suggestions
  42. Adding an arrow in profile menues to click through style profiles
  43. Add volume from liquid extract volume to boil volume
  44. Hop steep/whirlpool temperature rest points/hops additions
  45. Cider and Fruit Wine
  46. Auto hop age adjustment option
  47. Please add option to auto adjust Hop amounts when AA's change
  48. Can't generate my own Ingredients table for a custom report?
  49. Add "Duplicate" functionality... everywhere
  50. Wort Chiller ingredient