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  1. Recipe date and version
  2. Better way to create/review session data?
  3. Additional fields for Fermentation Readings - Such as device i.e. Tilt, PLAATO..
  4. more pH recording opportunities
  5. Judging Notes, or Attachments...
  6. Conversion Efficiency
  7. Allow miscellaneous ingredients to be added during whirlpool
  8. Fermentability
  9. Carbonation Fields on Recipe
  10. Water agent additions on water tab should scale with volume specified
  11. Origin and Supplier for All Ingredients
  12. Pressurized Fermentation Options
  13. Outlook or Google Calendar Sync
  14. Forum/Website Suggestions
  15. Tannin SRM
  16. Update equipment profile in recipes automatically
  17. Export to HTML (problem described), PDF, or whatever
  18. More cloud sync
  19. Add liquid calcium chloride
  20. Date Column in cloud view.
  21. Back sweetening
  22. Cloud Brew Log
  23. Export Recipe list to Excel
  24. +1 for adding magnesium chloride
  25. Remove Inventory Indicator
  26. AMS, DWB additions in water treatment.
  27. Production Management
  28. Import fermentation readings
  29. Hop Age Tool in the BS3 Mobile
  30. Dropbox sync for BeerSmith Mobile
  31. Remove Inventory - Are You Sure? - Done
  32. volume units
  33. Better Cloud Search
  34. Been able to import csv price lists.
  35. Why not let us store unlimited recipes using our own cloud storage?
  36. Creating graphs or statistics of measurable parameters
  37. Importing SG and temp data or integration with tilt
  38. Style Guide Comparison Sliders
  39. Ability to enter in a measured post boil volume or boil off
  40. Search in description
  41. Default Signature Out of Date
  42. pH adjustments
  43. Showing the costs on print out.
  44. Show Innoculation Rate Value and support at least 3 starter stages.
  45. CO2 in Grams
  46. Print Inventory Spreadsheet
  47. Beer xml export in BeerSmith Mobile
  48. Recipe Bill
  49. REST or Integration API?
  50. Please add sub-folders to the Beersmith Recipe Cloud