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Title: Boil volume anomaly
Post by: Ramjet on October 14, 2018, 06:45:04 PM
I'm using Beersmith v2.3.7 and I'm trying to establish why my equipment profile computes a boil volume of 58.62 litres, but the brew-day running sheet states 63.65 litres - a difference of 5.03 litres.

Brew day yesterday, and I ended up with just over 5 litres wort left over, after filling my two 23 litre cubes.

It seems that the equipment profile settings are spot on, but the running sheet has somehow added an extra 5 litres.

Any ideas anyone?  (I posted this initially in the wrong section of the forum, so re-posting here)

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Title: Re: Boil volume anomaly
Post by: Oginme on October 14, 2018, 07:51:04 PM
You cannot equate the value in your equipment profile with the volumes for a recipe.  The values used in the equipment profile are nominal values to help determine your boil off percentage and only if the grain amount is the same as your equipment profile is designed around will the values match.  The target in the recipe is the one to use when brewing because that takes into account the amount of grain to calculate the water retention in the grain and the volume required to produce your required volume into the fermenter.

Since you ended up with additional volume at the end of the boil, the losses in your equipment profile and/or boil off rate and/or water absorption value is inaccurate for your system. Hopefully, you took volume measurements of water in, wort volume from the mash and post boil so that you can recalculate how much your losses were to update your equipment profile.

Title: Re: Boil volume anomaly
Post by: Ramjet on October 14, 2018, 09:04:20 PM
Thanks Oginme,

I've re-visited the equipment profile, and now with the same recipe, the amount of sparge water computed is 39.11 litres, resulting in a boil volume of 58.0 litres, compared with 63.65 litres yesterday.

This agrees closely now with yesterday's actuals, so I'll see how it goes next brew,and tweak it from there if necessary.

Thanks again,