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Title: Yeast starter
Post by: Simie on September 06, 2010, 12:51:13 PM
I'm making an English Bitter and the recipe 910 gallons) calls for 3 quarts of yeast starter. Any recommendations on how to go about this. I have two White lab vials so really I will be making 2 (1 1/2 quart) batches...
Thanks   Simie
Title: Re: Yeast starter
Post by: BobBrews on September 06, 2010, 03:43:19 PM
   Brew a easy beer with the same yeast that you want to use for a starter. Give it oxygen and nutrients for a healthy ferment. This will be starter you need for the English bitter. Two weeks later brew the English bitter let it cool and then siphon the easy beer off the yeast cake, (bottle) and dump the English bitter wort on the yeast cake from the easy beer. It will ferment within hours. Two beers one batch of yeast. Good luck