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Title: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: Bokonon on June 10, 2011, 02:58:05 PM
Here is what I needed to do (so far) to get Beersmith 2 working in Linux with wine.  I'm using Ubuntu

To get the whole app running I needed to use winetricks -> Install a Windows DLL or Component -> vcrun2008 from Windows Components to install MSVCP90.DLL

To get the preview pane working I needed to use winetricks -> Install a font -> corefonts

I'll play around with this some more this weekend and see if I come up with anything else
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: BeerSmith on June 10, 2011, 03:27:32 PM
  I know the Visual C++ runtime (2008) is needed on most Wine installations.

  The link to it is in on the FAQ at

Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: racin_ny on June 10, 2011, 11:40:53 PM
When installing vcrun2008 I get the following error missing mfc90.dll Do you have any idea what I can do?

Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: jaycount on June 11, 2011, 11:51:54 AM
Props to OP, thank you very very much for posting this.

racin_ny: What vers of Wine do you have and how did you install it? This sounds like a Wine related issue.
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: racin_ny on June 11, 2011, 12:58:21 PM
Hey Jay,
It's wine 1.2.2 on Ubuntu 10.10 I installed it through package manager it runs Beersmith 1.4 fine
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: racin_ny on June 11, 2011, 02:11:57 PM
Thanks Jay you were right installed wine 1.3.9 and then C++ runtime 2008 and it works
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: Tekman on June 12, 2011, 02:22:02 PM
Everything seems to be working with all the above fixes except printing. I loaded ie6 with winetricks and now I'm able to get a print preview but still not print. The strange thing is I'm able to print a 'Print List...' under the 'File' drop-down menu but nothing else will print.

Anyone else able to print directly from the app without a bunch of copy-paste-save and use a native Linux browser tricks?
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: Bokonon on June 12, 2011, 02:58:27 PM
I hadn't tried printing until just now and I was able to.  I haven't tried to install anything special to make this work, I did whatever the old beersmith faq said for getting printing working on there (ie4linux I think)

Of course wine/beersmith2 locked up immediately after.  With the following from wine in the cli:

fixme:shdocvw:ClOleCommandTarget_Exec Unimplemented group {000214d1-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}
fixme:shdocvw:ClientSite_GetContainer (0x12f5400)->(0x32f6b4)
fixme:shdocvw:ClOleCommandTarget_Exec Unimplemented cmdid 25
fixme:shdocvw:ClOleCommandTarget_Exec Unimplemented cmdid 26
fixme:shdocvw:ClOleCommandTarget_Exec Unimplemented cmdid 29
fixme:shdocvw:DocHostUIHandler_GetDropTarget (0x12f5400)
fixme:shdocvw:ClOleCommandTarget_Exec Unimplemented group {000214d1-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}
wine: Unhandled stack overflow at address 0x6a6682a2 (thread 0009), starting debugger...
err:seh:setup_exception_record stack overflow 1220 bytes in thread 0009 eip 7bc56e11 esp 00230e6c stack 0x230000-0x231000-0x330000

If I click preview from the preview pane nothing happens.  I really was hoping I would be able to scale down the printing to one page like I was able to do with a certain version of IE (that is installed on my wife's laptop).  I tend to print the recipe and brew sheet out and scale them down to one page each then punch holes and stick them in a binder.

Edit: Brad is BS2 trying to execute some application for preview?  If I hit preview from the toolbar on the edit recipe page it opens up a preview window but that is the only place I have seen it work so far.  From other places wine kicks out a "fixme:shdocvw:DocHostContainer_exec Exec failed"

Edit2: Adding 'ie7' from winetricks at least allowed a preview window to pop open, but still was blank.  I'll dig more and see if I can figure something out
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: Tekman on June 12, 2011, 09:19:43 PM
Here's what works for me. I'm afraid this is as good as it's gonna get without a native Linux app. I removed all traces of wine and started fresh and tested this several times.

I'm using Linux Mint 11.

1) Install wine1.3, winetricks, wine1.3-gecko, ttf-symbol-replacement-wine1.3
2) Install BeerSmith 2
3) Install corefonts in winetricks fonts
4) Install vcrun2008 in winetricks install a Windows DLL or component

The biggest issue is printing. You'll need to right click and select print on anything you want to print. Print preview and print boxes along with print drop-down menus will not work. The only exception is 'Print List...' in the File drop-down, it works perfectly. Very strange. Brad must be doing something differently with this function.

I found loading any version of ie will stop printing altogether. It's best to stick with only wine1.3-gecko for printing unlike the v1.4 days.
Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: pedrol on June 13, 2011, 01:13:07 PM

I had to remove my first post after reading this one!!!

This was my message (can be useful to)

If you have problems to run Beersmith 2.0 in linux with wine and dll files, you can try with:
(tested with debian linux)

as root: (do whatever you need to do to install your winetricks package depending on your dristro)
apt-get install winetricks

as normal user:
winetricks volnum
winetricks vcrun2008

execute Beersmith 2.0 as usual

Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: chiller_AUS on July 10, 2011, 11:37:04 PM
Here is the material from the Linux/Wine faq.

While Linux/Wine is not an “officially” supported BeerSmith 2 platform, many users have had success running BeerSmith 2 in Wine for the last several months with some minor limitations.
Installing in Wine:

    * To run BS2 under wine download the Visual C++ Runtime Library (2008) [about 1.7mb] from here first
    * Install this file before you try to run the BS installer When installed —- Run the the BS2 installer with Wine.

Additional Wine Notes/Limitations Found (Notes provided by Steve Nicholls)

    * Don’t try to click and hold to drag tabs this will lock up Wine and you will need to kill Wine.
    * The spinner buttons in the scale/adjust dialogs (little up/down arrows) don’t seem to increment the values properly
    * Printing –BS2 internally links to IE [I believe] and while you can install IE with Wine for some reason IE doesn’t appear to be seen by BS2 so brewsheets etc. don’t print via the Brewsheet button. Brad has provided a save to .html function so you can then save to your Beersmith folder which is in your home folder [I created a "Recipe Printout" folder] load he saved file using the browser of your choice.
    * I have found Konqueror has the best printout for me. There may be other small issues but considering the program is designed for Windows and runs 99% perfect under Wine in Linux I’m well pleased.
    * I run the latest PCLinuxOS but also tested with Ubuntu 10 and 11. I did find Ubuntu 11 to be fairly buggy when first released but it has had many routine updates since then so probably like all the linux versions is now very stable.

I haven't found any major nasties running Beersmith 2 under wine, in fact it is very stable. I Alpha and Beta tested Beersmith 2 under linux/wine with very few dramas and it was my primary testing platform right from the beginning as Linux use was paramount to me. Just be aware of the couple of things I have posted above. There maybe other issues I haven't located but I use it as a "normal" program quite happily.

Title: Re: Beersmith 2 in Linux with wine
Post by: altgeeky1 on August 08, 2011, 11:06:57 AM
FYI - if `winetricks corefonts` gives you this error:
".winetrickscache/arial32.exe: library not compiled to support large files."

.. this is because of a bug found in the utility cabextract, version 1.3.
This error is fixed in cabextract 1.4... however that newer version might not be packaged for your version OS.
this was the case on my Ubunto 11.04 (Natty) for AMD64 architecture.

I borrowed the updated package from the alpha release of Ubuntu 11.11 (oneiric), which I found here:

In general it is not a good idea to mix in files from a newer release, but in this case it is OK (cabextract is not a core system utility, nor did I use any "force" install option).  After that, corefonts installed for me fine.

I am pleased that Beersmith 2 runs well enough under WINE. The fact that the program is now crossplatform and Qt based has me salivating for a future Linux-native release. :-)