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  1. Family Sharing (iOS) not working
  2. Relative bitterness ratio
  3. Recipes only open in edit mode - Android 11
  4. Beersmith desktop and mobile
  5. Could not download recipe from server
  6. Mash volume different on Mobile vs. PC
  7. BeerSmith Mobile Version 3.1.8
  8. Mobile 3.1.9 Javascript error on IOS 13.7
  9. BeerSmith Mobile and Custom Reports
  10. Mash Volume Indication
  11. JS error - mobile timer
  12. Update 3.1.8 lost my recipes on Kindle
  13. Mobile cannot read notes
  14. Sharing State: Unlisted converts automatic from metric to imperial
  15. BeerSmith Mobile Beta Testing
  16. Error in strike water volume calculation
  17. Where is the fermentation schedule?
  18. Can not install beersmith mobile 3 on my tablet, already installed on my phone
  19. Any chance of seeing the Hop Age tool in BS3 Mobile anytime soon?
  20. C?lculo BS3 Mobile
  21. Weyermann malts don't register in mash profile
  22. Extract conversion from AG - whole point of purchase, can this not be added?
  23. Unable to see Notes in Mobile
  24. Cannot view what is being typed on iOS when entering session info
  25. Measured Session Data Lost - Mobile/Cloud folder
  26. JavaScript Alert when trying to access Misc. ingredients
  27. Delete Lite version, reinstall full version at no extra charge??
  28. Enter fermentable by percentage?
  29. Sort recipes by date
  30. Full BeerSmith for iPad
  31. Gravity from Extract Correct for All-Grain?
  32. Folders and recipe content disappearing
  33. recipe conversion
  34. Can I use a BSMX file to add ingredients to the mobile app?
  35. Changes Not Getting Saved on Android Version
  36. No changes get saved on the mobile version and Android S9?
  37. iOS - Could not connect to recipe server
  38. Update from Beersmith Mobile 2.0 Lite to 3.0
  39. Recipe Disappeared
  40. Inconsistent behavior and javascript error BeerSmith Mobile 3
  41. Multiple recipes (timers) simultaneously
  42. Cannot load recipe from cloud server
  43. Cloud login issues
  44. Importing BeerXML files in mobile qapp
  45. How to Print or Share Recipe and Brew Steps?
  46. Inventory on Mobile App
  47. Beersmith 3
  48. Adding Fruit Juice on iOS BS3
  49. BS3 mobile timer and folder issues
  50. Unit converters - Volume - Bottling volumes: 375ml calculation incorrect