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sour mash?
« on: June 07, 2014, 08:47:58 AM »
Ok here is what I did and not sure if it's safe. or even what to call it.  ( this was an experiment).
I brewed an apa all grain batch then after my batch Sprague the second running's were still at 1.030 but I had what I needed for my apa so I filled the tun with water, enough to just cover the mash and added a hand full of 2 row grain then shut the mash tun. temp at 130. the next day added hot water to keep the temp at or about 120. on day 2 after 48 hrs drained mash. ended up with 2 gal of sour mash. then boiled it and filled a one gal glass fermenter ,cooled and pitched 05 yeast from an active fermentation  . let it ferment for 90 days. So what did I do and what do I have?? fg is at 1.008 no sings of bad funk but smells of apples tasted like apple cider a little bit. no bad smell or vinous twinge. its vary clear also.
 so what is it , thoughts.   
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