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Request: Mash water/grain proportions
« on: August 17, 2007, 08:37:22 PM »
Hey Brad, thanks for an awesome piece of software :)

Quick one for you - When viewing the mash profiles for any given brew, one of the options is to set a water/grain ratio. i.e. 3L/KG of grain, etc. It shows the measurement to 2 decimal places.

With mine, it's showing L/gms as the option. I'm able to enter .003 L/gm as the measurement, and it gives me the correct water measurement, but on returning to the mash step options it shows "0.00".

I think I know WHY it's showing me in L/gms - I've got my Mash Volumes setup to use Litres and my Grain measurements to use Grams.

I can change the Mash Volumes to use the millilitres unit, but it doesn't make things easy to read when you're working with 100L batches. 

I guess one option would be to allow up to 4 decimal places for the Water/Grain ratio box. This would allow me to at least see what the mash thickness I use.

Otherwise, I'm all ears for other options! :)

Thanks again :)