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New Brew stand (Oregon)
« on: February 07, 2015, 08:44:37 PM »
New brew stands for sale. Heavy duty, all steel brew stands. Engineered for a lifetime of use. We are currently making flat 3 station 5-15 gallon kettle/ keggle stands and 1 bbl pilot stands.

We designed our stands to last a lifetime. Structurally engineered to handle many times the load you will ever put on it. Heavy duty, but not heavy. Flush mounted gas controls right where you need them, braided gas lines, regulated controls for each burner, smooth rolling heavy duty locking casters, and an extremely rigid frame. Go ahead and compare us to the competition. No one can beat the rigidity, performance and affordability. Made in Oregon.

Our stands:

The "Nooner" (5-15 gallon) Only one left at this price

.065 mild steel 1 ½ tubing, mig welded with 70,000 tensile strength welds,4 locking casters, 2- 6 inch propane burners. Compact and light. 60 inches long, 19 ½ deep and 27 inches high. Gloss black finish.

Right now we have a special running. Buy a brew stand at the sale price ($200 off) and we will include a free pump mount and outdoor electrical switch for the pump installed.($100 value)

$999 standard price $799 sale price.

Model Options:
•   Additional 6 inch burner $65
•   Chugger stainless pump $189.00
•   20 plate wort chiller and mount $169
•   Pump mount and outdoor electrical switch for pump $100
•   Custom colors quote only

The "All Nighter" (15 gallons to 1bbl pilot) building systems now get on the wait list.

.083 steel 1 ½ tubing mig welded with 70,000 tensile strength welds, 4 locking casters, 3- 10 inch high pressure burners, pre wired with 2 outdoor switches for pumps and two pump mounting bracket, stainless chugger pump.(1) and mounting bracket for wort plate chiller. 72 inches long, 24 deep and 22inches high. Gloss black.


Model Options
•   Second stainless Chugger pump add $189
•   30 Plate wort chiller $189
•   Custom colors quote only

We make custom stands to your specifications with 50% down. There is a 2-3 week production time and up to 2 weeks for delivery. Very affordable pricing. stands only. Contact us for delivery options. Bring your beer brewing to the next level.
Please email me at

Currently we only deliver to Oregon and are available for pick up at our site.