Author Topic: unexpected OG with my first beersmith recipe  (Read 2834 times)

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unexpected OG with my first beersmith recipe
« on: April 28, 2015, 07:12:58 PM »
doing a partial mash porter on a recipe i created. beersmith calculated an OG of 1.094, but i measured 1.068 in the fermenter.  big difference, and i want to know if i am using the software wrong.

20 oz crystal 40L
12 oz munich malt
8   oz crystal 75L
4   oz black patent
4   oz chocolate malt

5 lb amber dme
3 lb extra light dme
1 lb dark dme
12 oz molasses

3 oz saaz at 60 min
.5 oz northern brewer at 15 min
1 oz saaz at 15 min

1.5 liter starter of white labs wlp001 california ale yeast

using a method that i've been using from austin homebrew supply, with minor modification:
2 gal water at 168 into a 5 gal igloo cooler that has been preheated.  grain bag holds all grains, and is steeped for 60 minutes, then sparged with one gal of 170 water.  bring to boil and add all dme and molasses, then add a gallon of water and bring back to boil.  add hops per recipe, then chill to 80.  top up water to make 5.25 gallons.  aerate with pump, then pitch starter.

i am using my own equipment profile, but tweaking it to try to more closely resemble my method did not change the OG in the software.

using austin homebrew recipes, i am usually within .001 or .002 of their expected gravity...  no where near the .026 difference that this batch showed.  i even played with the recipe, took out all the grains, and with extract alone should be near 1.080 or above.

anyone have any clues why my gravity is so light?  is it my brewing, beersmith software, or the way i used the software?
thanks in advance for the help