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Brewing Equipment overall
« on: September 14, 2015, 08:32:20 AM »
Hi guys!

I am still relatively new to the forum; I am currently doing my MSc. in denmark together with my brewing education in order to become a master brewer, hopefully in the not so distant future. As a part of my studies I have been also visiting a couple of breweries here in the cph region while at the same time trying to figure out the equipment they use and see if I can translate that into the beer's quality while as well trying to get the brewer's experience with the equipment they have at hand.

I am starting to grow used to the equipment suppliers around in Europe, since that is what is mostly covered in our courses and what I have come across and thus thought that I could be a good idea to get a feedback exercise going... basically I would like to know what all of you peeps in the United States are using to brew, wether it might be locally built brewhouses (and equipment) or imported from overseas... and finally what has been your experience with it if you have had the chance of using other equipments as well.

I was actually surprised to see the name "Velo" popping up a couple of times in heat exchangers, as I've seen some Velo brewhouses over here (they're Italian so I guess it makes sense.)

I know it is perhaps a rather broad question but I would really appreciate if you could share info such as:
- Brewhouse size and manufacturer if possible
- periperals / heat exchanger / boiler supplier
- fermentation tanks
- dry hopping devices
- utilities equipment, perhaps?

I am carrying on my own internet research and I have come across a couple of suppliers in the US(Crawford Brewing Equipment, ABE, ABO, STOUT tanks and kettles, GEA...), but I am mainly interested in what are the actual brewers using to make such good beers over there.

I would appreciate any feedback or direction :)