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UX suggestions
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:56:48 AM »
Been using BeerSmith for a while and it's absolutely fantastic.

I have a couple of suggestions for improvement, though:

- It would be awesome to have an area/tab where all the data you have to enter throughout the whole brewing process would show up as a list in chronological order, so that you wouldn't have to look for them everywhere in the program

- When creating a new recipe, it would be more natural to start with the "Style" drop-down menu right above the "Name" field, this way, all along the intial setup, you would go through data that would generally be already correct, for example the default ingredients

- It would be cool to have an "Organic/Bio" checkbox in the dialog of every ingredient properties

- Having Copy and Paste buttons for ingredients would be awesome to avoid having to re-enter the same data for every addition of the same hops

- Apparently Danstar BRY-97 is missing from the yeasts database, it's a pretty common one

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