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Windows 10 - Blank Report Pane
« on: July 03, 2016, 12:10:06 PM »
So, recently bit the bullet and did the Window 10 upgrade (Win10Enterprise to be more specific(long story)). After overlaying all the different file backups onto the new system I noticed the reports pane was empty, so I went on a troubleshooting escapade.

BeerSmith2 has installed without issue or complaint and I was able to get my data directory location hooked in without issue and previous contents restored. However now the report preview pane is 100% empty. I uninstalled BeerSmith2, ensured the sub-folder in Program Files(x86) was completely removed. I removed the registry keys holding the data directory pointer, and reinstalled. Problem resolved. Clearly something I did copying files on top of the installation. I rewrote one of the existing reports (couldnt figure out how to get a custom report to actually work and the path of least resistance was to re-jigger one of the html reports in place). I'd really like to have it back... so onward I pressed...

Backed up my data directory contents, deleted it,  and changed the beersmith2 data directory path (O:\Personal Stuff\Beersmith in my case). And there I was facing the issue once again but with a (mostly) default installation. So maybe it was not something I did copying files... Clearly its my configuration because my "O:" drive was a voodoo mapping using subst. In File Explorer, the "Drive" appears with an "X" overlaid on it as if it were offline, but it allows me to traverse it without error.

Finally, I created an empty data directory on a mapped network drive and pointed beersmith at it. After restarting, reports are now back in play.

I know this is an extreme edge case for support, and I wouldn't even begin to understand what the difference is in a substitute (virtual) drive and a mapped network/local drive. Thought I would post my experience and troubleshooting here so that other may benefit from it in the future. In the mean time I need to rethink I how/where I will keep my data directory.

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Re: Windows 10 - Blank Report Pane
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 08:43:34 PM »
  I'm not sure why this would be happening - but I do appreciate the detailed report.  I've been researching this for some time and have not been able to diagnose it fully.

  Do you know what the precise paths are for the various directories?  Also which ones are virtual?

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