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Dry Hopping with Cannabis

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I'm wondering if others might have had successes that I can learn from.

I'm looking for flavor. Not a buzz. If I understand properly, unless I use some kind of oil to extract the essence, I'm not going to get THC out that will produce a psychoactive effect. That's OK; the last time I smoked regularly (+30 years ago), I had developed a very scary clinical paranoia that very promptly disappeared when I quit.

However, here in Washington, I smell the sweet perfume of "stinky bud" almost daily and I gotta say, it's killing me :). The thing is, as I taste one new IPA after another, I find that the ones that are love at first sip, all seem to have an aroma that reminds me a whole bunch of that same stinky bud.

Now I know that along with the THC levels in today's product, another thing that has skyrocketed in the last 30 years is the price per ounce. So much so, that to experiment with several ounces just to see how it turns out... well it's not in my budget... I'm guessing for those who can afford it, they're probably looking for some way to achieve some kind of psychoactive effect for their investment. But again, I'm pretty much trying to avoid that.

However, an acquaintance has a small grow operation about to harvest. Apparently there is a significant amount of "waste" that is not market-worthy. All of the leaves, and all of the trim that is left over.... I'm wondering how it would work if I used that as a dry hop addition?

Has anyone ever tried something like this?

I've heard of a few people that have tried this sort of thing, and the general agreement is that it makes for more of a marketing gimmick more than anything. You likely will not end up with anything useful out of it, no real smell, no THC. Might be better off looking for a hop that would put out a somewhat similar smell. Of course, if it doesn't really cost anything to get some to try, it might be worth trying. I'd say to pick a beer that could be influenced easily like a cream ale, blonde, pale ale or the like. Maybe make a batch and separate off a portion or do a small batch to try it. But I wouldn't expect much.

Dry hopping with weed is the equivalent to making a tincture with alcohol. You can dry "hop" for about 2 weeks and you'll extract a little bit of THC. If you go for longer, it will increase the potency. 3-5 grams is all that's needed.

  Interesting topic ...  Some thoughts:
 1-  Perhaps using  and adapting the edible preparation methods would be more suited to brewing with cannabis. All  edible recipes call for some kind of heat to activate the THC.  Adding all that shake to the boil should  convert and extract the THC into the desired active  compound. I'm thinking of maybe last 10-15 minutes of boil.
2-  For dry hopped aromas, In my opinion, I would splurge and introduce dried flower tops to the brew at this point for ultimate aroma . Could use as is or treat them as oak chips- soak in a cup of boiled water for half hour and add the resulting "tea" to the secondary fermentation for a week or two. This ensures no molds or bacteria get in the brew.
3-Not sure if the yeast could then be re-used afterwards, after contact with the herb they may be degenerate or not be too active. Then again they may reproduce normally and surprisingly  go on a munching spree , eating all the sugars they can at a furious rate.
 A nice malty dark ale with  earthy columbus hops and some cannabis aroma and effect might just work out nicely.  More experimentation required for sure in this area. CHEERS!

Guys, I would say it's better to smoke really good weed than using some psychotropic edibles. It will not lead to a good end. My friend is now in a psychiatric hospital because he wanted to know that new world he saw when he had been using psychotropic substances. I've been smoking weed for six years and I don't have any dependencies on it. Because I smoke weed twice or maybe three times a week. In case I had a difficult and stressful day at work. I found this site last month. There is some useful and pretty good information for everyone who smokes weed.


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