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Annual Austin Zealots Homebrew Inquisition Competition


The Annual Austin Zealots Homebrew Inquisition Competition is just around the corner. This will be the 5th year of the competition and we welcome one and all to participate.

There is a very good reason it is called the Inquisition - As in the inquisition of old, you are judged by our rules, not that of the rest of the world - see the FAQ and Rules and Categories links for details.

Entries must be received between June 30th & July 12th. Go to the web page - and click on the Entry Form link. This will take you to a PDF file you can fill and print.

This is my medal for First Place - Open Category for a Rye IPA. You too could be a first place winner!!!
Jerry Pritchett
KopyKat Brewery

Primary: MT
Secondary/Lagering: MT
Bottle Conditioning: Sassy Sally Saison
Drinking: Sais Who?; Vanilla Nice; Daft Auld Gaffer Up Next: Brewery Closed until end of May :([/b][/color][/color]
Home of the Austin Zealot's Inquisition[/b][/color]


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